Who is Simply Native?


Who is Simply Native?

Simply a concept.  A concept of Hawaii.  Anything and everything that has its roots in Hawai’i.  Everything and anything that calls Hawai’i home.  Whether it be an idea or illustration, a food or flower, a cuisine or culture.

Like Hawai’i, Simply Native is constantly evolving.  It started with earrings and continued with bracelets, rings, postcards, stickers, shirts, tote bags, photos.  It is a place of growth and change.  As we change day by day, so does Simply Native.

A place to share our mana’o.  A place of community.

A place of aloha.

The Start


Rewind to December of 2011.  An early morning spontaneous trip to an empty beach on the North Shore of O’ahu island.  My wonderful cousin and I were shelling – searching for the hidden seashell treasures buried in the soft, white sand of the beautiful beaches opposite of busy Honolulu.  Both relaxing and exciting.  After our adventure, we gathered all of our seashell treasures and started experimenting with the different types of jewelry we could make – earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, you name it.  We wanted to wear it all.  In need of more jewelry supplies, we made a quick, spontaneous trip to a nearby craft store.  On the ride back home, we couldn’t help but dream of the endless possibilities our new jewelry could create.  Back and forth, throwing out words that encompassed all that we believed and all that we dreamed.  Thus, Simply Native was born.